budget gaming laptop is predominantly designed for the use of playing computer games and allows for better mobility than its desktop counterpart. It is different from a ‘normal’ laptop in that it has better quality hardware, specifically designed for achieving and maximising performance during gameplay. The exterior designs tend to be less traditional than standard laptops, usually featuring bright colours and metallic finishes, and due to their high-end hardware, they can cost up to three times as much as standard laptops.

A budget gaming laptop are often custom made due to the wide assortment of components that go into them, either by the enthusiasts who use them or by companies that specialise in such products. Custom-built laptops are generally easier to upgrade and allow for better budget control and many gamers would argue that you can save a considerable amount of money by building your own, although there are many important factors to look at when building or buying a laptop. Dependent on your budget; we also have featured pages for gaming laptops under $500, under $600, under $800 and under $1000.

Buying a Budget Gaming Laptop Vs. Custom Laptops

Five things to consider when buying a budget gaming laptop:

  1. Operating System (OS)
    This is important because not all games are compatible with all operating systems. Therefore, you need to consider whether the games you will be using are playable on the operating system you are looking at.
  2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    If you want to play games that are extremely process-intensive, it is important to choose a gaming laptop with a high-speed processor for maximum performance.
  3. Graphics CardConsiderations When buying A Gaming Laptop
    The level of the graphics card will determine the visual output displayed on the screen.
  4. Screen Size and Resolution
    The bigger the screen, the better your gaming experience will be. The standard screen size for a laptop is about 15 inches, but there are models available with screen sizes of up to 18 inches. With regards to screen resolution, the higher the resolution you choose, the crisper and clearer the image on the screen will be.
  5. Random Access Memory (RAM)
    The more memory a laptop has, the more responsive and better at multi-tasking it will be. Not enough RAM will cause your laptop to slow down, stutter and even become unresponsive and can greatly impair the overall gaming experience.


Five things to consider when building budget laptops for gaming:

  1. Knowledge and Skill Level
    Your ability to build a budget gaming laptop will greatly depend on your knowledge of the subject. You must be confident that you have the skills required to successfully put together the complex components, otherwise you could be wasting your time and money.
  2. Expense
    When buying a gaming laptop, you know from the outset how much it is going to cost you. When building a laptop, you need to decide on your budget then research the cost of each component before buying, to ensure you can afford the overall expense.
  3. Time
    You have to be prepared to spend a lot of time building your gaming laptop. Whilst building it yourself can be an extremely rewarding process, the time it will take you will depend on your skill-set and the amount of free time you have to work on it. Be prepared that your laptop may not be ready to use for many months.
  4. Resources and Supplies
    The individual components for building your laptop can be difficult to source. It may take time and a lot of research to find suppliers for everything you require.
  5. Warranty
    When you buy a gaming laptop, the whole machine should be covered by a warranty. When building your own, you have to be prepared that if anything goes wrong or breaks, each individual component will have its own warranty (providing you purchase them from an official retailer) and this will mean keeping the details of each one and dealing with many different suppliers.

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How Do You Choose The Perfect Gaming Laptop Mouse?

  • Wired
    Wired mice tend to be cheaper than wireless mice and do not require a battery pack. It is argued they are better than their wireless counterparts because there is no interference or input lag, which can cause delays in response.
  • Wireless
    A wireless mouse offers more freedom as there is no possibility of cables catching or getting in the way. However, they are generally more expensive and some gamers find the battery pack heavy. The battery will also require charging, so you need to remember to charge it regularly.
  • Mouse Resolution
    Mouse resolution, or DPI (dots per inch), refers to the sensitivity of your mouse. This will determine how many pixels your mouse pointer will move on screen per inch you move the mouse. It is a common misconception that mouse resolution determines accuracy- rather, it governs sensitivity. Therefore, choose your mouse DPI depending on the sensitivity you require.
  • Programmable Buttons
    Players of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games may want to choose a mouse with programmable buttons. They usually have between six and twelve buttons set under the thumb and once programmed, these buttons mean you can quickly perform specific actions during gameplay.

Budget Computer Headsets

Gaming headsets have a microphone and earphones, enabling you to communicate with other gamers, which is particularly important for MMO games. When connected to the laptop, you will also be able to hear through the headphones everything you would normally hear through the speakers, which can offer an enhanced auditory experience. They come in a range of prices depending on the quality and features they offer. As with mice, they are available in wired and wireless models, with wireless models being more expensive but offering more mobility/freedom depending on your requirements.

Budget Computer Speakers

Most laptops come with built in stereo speakers. However, if you don’t like the built in speakers your laptop has, you can buy an external speaker. These normally connect through the USB port and can offer a more powerful output and a better quality of sound. They come in a range of prices and sizes, including portable pocket sized models which are ideal if you travel a lot with your laptop. More expensive models may offer omnidirectional sound.

Computer Gaming Chairs – Take It To The Next Level

Computer gaming chairs enhances your gaming experience 100-fold and brings to the front those features that gaming designers have spend countless hours perfecting. This item is definitely for the serious gamer and is worth every penny!

Enable All Your Accessories With A USB Hub

A USB hub offers multiple USB ports, which is important if you will be using a number of accessories, such as a headset, mouse and joystick. Most gaming laptops will come with a built in USB hub, however if your laptop does not come with this, it is possible to buy an external one. They are available in different speeds, and the higher the speed of the devices you are connecting, the higher the speed of the USB hub should be.

Gaming Controllers & Joysticks

Joysticks can offer better navigation and precision than mice and keyboard commands and usually connect through a USB port. As with mice, they often come with programmable buttons and many gamers find them an easier way to control and play a game.

What Is The Best Laptops For Gaming? Our Conclusion

There are many laptops available on the market, and it is important to do your research so you know what model would most suit your requirements. Think about the games you will be playing and what you can afford. Set a budget and bear in mind that in most cases the more you spend, the better the performance of the model you choose will be.

If you have very specific requirements and are struggling to find a model best suited to your needs, think about whether you have the time and knowledge to build your own gaming laptop to your exact specification. If you are not confident that you can successfully build your own laptop, consider discussing your requirements with a company who make custom laptops. If you require accessories, research these too- this is an investment that will hopefully last you a long time and you need to make sure you are getting exactly what you want for your very own ultimate gaming experience. Enjoy the reviews of the best budget gaming laptops.

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